Friday, May 7, 2010

Thinking like a business woman...

So, I've been thinking about what I need to do to become more business savy as CraftyStitches. It's really hard. I mean hard hard! Maybe because I'm more an artist, crafter, mom and worker. Swtiching and turning on that gear box is definitely a giant paradym shift.

So here's what I've been thinking about doing to better understand what it takes to do business (gentle encouragement, comments are welcome)

  • BRAVERY! that's probably gonna be key for me. Eventhough many think I am so outgoing, brave to talk to people etc... I still feel inside like a shrinking flower. It's so wierd. I can give these awesome advice to my friends and family about going out there and just do what's in your mind and create the world that you invision. And now I have to take my own advice.

    • Tell yourself YOU CAN DO THIS - this is probably the same as above but really, I have taken some major steps to tell myself that I can do this like... getting an LLC, upgrading my old sewing machine, setting up my sewing room to make it like my own creative office space, participating in wholesale shows, going out there and telling people that I am making things and selling them.

    • Setting up my Corporation - so I've decided to finally incorporate and become an LLC. Yep CraftyStitches is going to become officially an LLC and so I'm out there! Way way out there! This is a major investment for me and commitment. I now have an EIN, articles of icorporation, etc. But I couldn't have done it without Company Incorporation. They did it all. I didn't have to worry about any forms etc.. No worries! I have a link on the right if you are interested in setting up too. So go and do it.

    • Joining Guilds/Associations and getting out - So I am now way way more active than ever in joining forces with others who are doing what I do or other things to inspire more energies towards being a business owner.

    Keep up with Jenn and I'll keep reporting great news and hopefully inspire you to do what you love too.