Monday, February 20, 2012

CraftyStitches Goes to the Mother Ship (ETSY NYC)

What a great trip! What can I say?  Don’t know where to start….  First let me start with a great THANK YOU to the ETSY NYC mother ship to allow us to prance in and visit the digs!  Specially Cheyne for hosting and entertaining us.  We met Brittney, Morgan, Kimm, Julie, and all the other names I missed… pls forgive me I didn’t’ get all the cards.
Linda (Twisted Cow), Deb (Aweshop) and Jenn (CraftyStitches) visited “THE MOTHER SHIP” Etsy NYC.  We had a blast!

We talked, exchanged ideas and shared all our challenges as sellers on Etsy. A few things we really dug deep on are …
STATS yep.. (that was me; my thing) and the coming soon Credit Card feature.  We are excited about the new and upcoming changes at ETSY.  We are looking forward to more features as they roll out new stuff for us to dig in.
We saw the beautiful loft offices that they moved into in the DUMBO district under the Brooklyn bridge.  The office is large and occupies 4 floors.  No cubes here… just open desks and tables.  We were in the SECRET ROOM conference room where we chatted the most about our exciting stuff.  We talked a lot about our workshops and craft shows.  We completed a team interview video where they will show it at a scheduled time soon.  So look out for it on the ETSY TEAM page.  We enjoyed lunch with the etsy gang and left with our goody bags from ETSY.

We later went into the fashion and garment district looking for textiles and fun supplies.  Of course we had to visit MOOD and in deed it is WALL TO WALL; FLOOR TO FLOOR of supplies that would make you droooooolllll like a puppy.  

Looking forward to our next exciting trips.  I hope many of you can join us next time.  Check out pur Pics at FLICKR

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

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