Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sew Food

Sewing has been such a soul searching journey for me. I am so glad that I decided to take this path. I've always enjoyed sewing and have found it as a part time passion. I put it to rest during college because it wasn't fashionable to sew your own clothes or sew your own purses. Everyone carried the Coach style leather bags. Thanks to Vera Bradley, sewn and fabric style handbags are now back in style. She really pioneered that movement of quilted accessories. Now riding on her coatails, I am obsessed with sewn quilted and fabric made accessories. Every time I walk into a store I look at the construction of every piece of accessory I can find and tell my husband "O I can make that". I must have made a gazillion different types of gadgety and fabric accessories. My box of failed attempts are laughable and embarrassing! :) However, this sewing journey has made me really passionate about being ME and accepting the quirkiness of who I am. Sewing has really fed my soul and filled me with a happiness that I never thought could happen. OK yes my family (2 girls and hubby), they make me happy too but a girl has gotta have more than about her life right? I hope all of you find your Sew Food :)