Monday, September 19, 2011

New School Year Offer 25% OFF

New Year, new friends, new clothes, and new teachers and for some of us sometimes new schools. Are you ready for this new school year? I know I am! As moms we are superwomen tackling every new school year with a bang. The excitement and joy soon goes away when we start to realize how busy our days are going to become. From waking our kids up in the morning to getting them ready and then picking them up, cooking dinner, play time and starting all over again the next day. Oh I remember those days watching my favorite episodes of Sex in the City late at night sipping on a home-made martini. But I have to say I enjoy every minute of being a mom to my two little girls and watching them grow up. I absolutely love seeing them at school, such innocence. Now that I made it thru the first day of school I am looking forward to the rest of the school year. Let me not forget to mention with the new school year I am officially on recess duty! Any suggestions?Wish me luck!

(Not so happy Rekha at school orientation)

I wanted to share with all you moms a crafty back-to-school idea to personalizing your children’s notebook and make them feel special! Or why not treat yourself with this design your own quilted notebook and show it off at work, school, or out shopping.

This is a made to order listing for a custom made quilted notebook cover for small notepads. It fits a 4x5 writing pad. Now you or your child can look stylish and cute all day long. In honor of the new school year and our little ones going back to school order now and get 25 % OFF, use BK2SKOOL code. To order visit