Friday, October 14, 2011


I am excited to announce the NEW LAYAWAY PLAN from CraftyStitches! I love my customers and always strive to provide them with the best satisfaction possible. As a wife and mother I understand we have other financial priorities in our lives but I also know we must not forget to treat ourselves to things that make us feel and look good. The layaway plan allows you to get the goodies without getting you in debt.

Here are the benefits of my layaway plans:

  • Reserve now and pay by installment

  • NO interest on credit cards

  • Order by Christmas now and pay by installment

  • Better budgeting

Layaway plans work like this. You may divide your total shopping in 2 easy weekly payment installments. This means if purchased today, your first 1/2 payment will be due today and then final payment will be completed in 2 weeks. :) This helps you better manage your money and budget. How? - add to cart (of course describe your fabric/monogram you need) - use "OTHER" as payment option - check out - you will receive a PAYPAL invoice for the first 1/2 of payment. In 2 weeks you will receive the final PAYPAL invoice for the remainder amount. Easy as eating pie. :) - your order will start production after all payments are received. FREE shipping with 4 or more orders.

For more information please CLICK HERE