Monday, April 30, 2012

Celebrating 2 Year Birthday of "The Perfect Bridesmaids" Travel Jewelry Roll

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May is a big month at CraftyStitches.  My birthday is May 9th (and I don't want to reveal my age cuz ya know a girl's gotta keep some secrets).  May 1st marks the 2nd birthday of the The Perfect Bridesmaids Travel Jewelry Roll.  Wow! 2 years old already.  Happy Birthday!  It feels like only yesterday that I sat in my little apartment dinning room table cutting my first jewelry roll for my girlfriend.  Now over 4500 pieces and sold in over 4 countries.  I can't believe it!  Seriously, here I am thinking that it was a small hobby in my living room and turning it to a full time living has been a true dream come true.  Lots of growing pains but all worth the ride.  I have to attribute all this to my family and close friends for their endless support.  If you have not seen the latest Martha Stewart Show on Etsy Show, the head of marketing have mentioned to all Etsy Sellers that we join a team.  Being the Captain of our local street team (CRESTArtisans), really helped me live up to the what I say and what I do.  That accountability and resources is invaluable.  Of course not to mention our team spirit.  We are a great tight knit group.  It's taken us 2 years to get to this point of a great fan page, group facebook page, and etsy team page as well.  When I started I really felt alone and the team made me feel part of a true community with the same passion.

The Perfect Bridesmaids Travel Jewelry Roll is all grown up out of the infant stage.  So for toddlers, this means we are mobile and fussy twos are just around the corner.  Yes we are going to get fussy.  How?  

The Travel Jewelry Roll will be launching a new line of unique handmade local fabric and print designers of Spoonflower in June.  I'm so excited.  The new selection of fabrics are all made and printed here in the US of A.  In support of the spirit of handmade, CraftyStitches will launch a new line of Jewelry Rolls with a selected group of fabric designers from Spoonflower.  Stay tuned for more details and sneak peaks.  not to mention discounts and coupons and freebies too.  :)  heee

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Martha Stewart Show - Etsy Show

The Martha Stewart Show was definitely an incredible experience.  I'm was so excited when I received the invite through Etsy.  It's like a once in a life time event.  I felt like a superstar for a whole week.  

The Etsy Show featured an all Etsy Seller audience, Etsy Fashion Show and 2 special Etsy Seller Artists how to make their awesome craft.  Of course, the star of the show Martha herself is such a graceful lady and an awesome presence in itself.

I arrived to the Chelsey Studios and her staff was ready and prepared to receive all of us.  A blue bus for free coffee and pastry was available to all who are standing in line to get in.  That's a pleasant touch cuz standing in line for 1 hour can get discouraging.  The coffee made you feel like you are a superstar and since it's free, you can drink all you want.  

After checking in with the staff who were all so pleasant and kind, we are seated in a waiting room and greeted by an over energetic and cheerful crowd pumper.  That's his job!  yep all he does is get you excited!  I tell ya he really was an energetic man.  He was giggly, happy, and full of talking points, instructions and just can't stop.  Loved having his energy cuz after standing outside and waiting and overdrinking coffee and now my feet hurt, I was ready to be cranky.  SO having him was key to getting me back in the mood again.

Inside the studio was directed to a specific seating arrangement.  Before I could sit down, I was in awe of the set up.  Each piece of furniture was real and not props.  The kitchen was a dream space cuz that's kind of kitchen I wanted.  The craft table was amazing cuz I too want that in my studio sewing room.  The room was well lit and staff everywhere prepping for the lady to show up.  

Finally Martha walks through the prep kitchen and her magic filled the room.  I felt like I was in the presence of royalty.  Her success definitely speaks volumes and when the person arrived to the set, she lived up to all my expectations.  She's obviously not a woman of waste.  Her every move and speed seemed so calculated.  Her smile right on time.  Her hair perfectly laid and falls just so that it looks natural.  It all seemed so unreal yet real because it is right in front of me.  I was captured!

Here I am sitting in the same room as the lady that has risen, fall, and risen faced challenges and conquered them all.  I wanted to ask her.  I wanted to hear her story straight from her heart and mouth.  She's right there.  Then, it was time for the show to start.  I watched how she handled every reading and line so smoothly.  She didn't need redos or retakes.  In fact, any redo or retakes were due to technical issues and not because she did not study or know her material.  WOW a multi-million dollar corporation and she knows every word, every note, and every segment.  I was so impressed with her (can you tell?)  

When the recording of the show end, she allowed 1 question.  She advised us to "believe in what you do" and boy that's really true cuz we loose faith too easily. After that, she did the most amazing thing and asked her staff to list everyone of us in the audience on her website.  That's huge to me and all sellers who are on etsy-that's just what we needed.  I could have been a lost visitor of the millions that have come and seen her show.  But this time she gave us a moment of her space and TONS of staff labor to make that happen.  I can't thank her enough to have that as a mention to you all today.  THANK YOU MARTHA!  I now know and feel who you are!  You are a real person a REAL REAL honest to GOODNESS person who unlike what they have said about you truly showed a good heart and knows your craft!  So I left there feeling GREAT!  I left there feeling like a superstar and part of something incredible.  THANK YOU MARTHA!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

CraftyStitches to be on Martha Stewart Show! Airs Monday, April 23rd @ 2pm

Hi Fans,

It is Sunday morning April 23rd, 2012 and I am probably on board a plan on my way to New York right now.  As you might have seen or heard from our facebook fan page or blog, CraftyStitches will be on the Martha Stewart Show! With my jewelry roll on hand I am anxious but very excited to be on the show. Along with myself, the show will primarily consist of Etsy shop owners. The episode will air on Monday, April 23rd, 2012 at 2pm on the Hallmark Channel. So make sure you grab some popcorn and support all your Etsy shop owners!

"I wonder where I will sit"?

Saturday, April 21, 2012



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In honor of all the beautiful mother's out there Craftystitches is having a Mother's Day Sale just for you! Give your mom or anyone who you love something special, why not a perfect jewelry roll? 
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Should I wear to Martha Stewart Show?

It is required that we wear a bright color top (no black/grey etc...) Comment Here:  Links and pics are welcome!  BTW Jenn Loves Red heee

Saturday, April 14, 2012

for Global Peace Exchange

I'm so excited to share my latest order and support of Global Peace Exchange in Florida.  I made 15 porfolios for the students on a research trip.   Garnet Paradise Floral for the ladies and brown corduroy for the boys.  They were coordinated with their school colors and embroidered their names on the front.

Thank you Saralyn!  I hope the students have a wonderful time on their latest globe trotting trip. 

I studied abroad too when I was in college.  It changed my life.  It opened my eyes to the issues of global peace and how travel in itself is learning.  I have such great fond memories of my trip to Vietnam.  I met one of my very good friend and godmother to my children there. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The THING that saved my marriage - Sewing Saved My Marriage

Sew, the other day, my husband left all the closet doors open after he had left for work.  It drove me literally NUTS!  I mean it... it drove me NUTSO.  I was like that short circuited robot walking around with a twitch in my neck and all over my body.  Does anyone know what I am talking about?  I was searching for my reset button.  O goodness.  I ran downstairs and started making me a pot of coffee.  All I can think about still was that stupid closet door and how every door was open including the drawers inside his closet were left open with socks runneth over.  Then I breathed and breathed some more... finally the coffee was finished and I was able to sip down some rejuvenator juice.  That still didn't help.  I thought of facebooking my frustration.  I didn't want to air my dirty laundry on facebook for all my family and friends to see ... and I didn't want to admit that my husband and I are having issues with our closet doors.  OK so I know it is just the doors but it really ignites all the clean up, pick up, cooking, phone calls, nagging etc... that I have been doing to keep our family in tact ... the daily wifely and motherly duties.  As if that's not enough.... why did he have to get me with the closet doors too?!

Finally, I decided it was time to go to my sewing room.  I swear, the moment I walk into my sanctuary, all matters meant nothing.  That knot in my throat, that anger and frustration was put into lifting up the beautiful pieces of fabric.  Checking on orders and sewing away.

Sewing has always been a passionate outlet for me.  Since I decided to start CraftyStitches, I have found myself in my sewing room constantly and love it.  The energy that was negative inside me was turned into something positive and beautiful.  It is soooo healing!  I know ... it's addictive and amazingly gratifying to know that I now have that "THING" everyone talks about.  I use to say "WHAT THING".  I don't like watching TV, I don't really do anything that makes me sit down cuz I am always on the go... chasing my girls around, driving them to school, laundry, grocery, ballet, music, errands, and bills.  I often wonder where I find that "THING". 

So sewing had saved my marriage because often times I find myself almost killing my husband for the little crazy things that he does just to push my button.  So my RESET button was found in sewing!  Thank goodness.  I guess it could be other things.  So I am coming out and telling everyone that I am a sew-a-holic and proud of it cuz it's my THING.