Thursday, April 12, 2012

The THING that saved my marriage - Sewing Saved My Marriage

Sew, the other day, my husband left all the closet doors open after he had left for work.  It drove me literally NUTS!  I mean it... it drove me NUTSO.  I was like that short circuited robot walking around with a twitch in my neck and all over my body.  Does anyone know what I am talking about?  I was searching for my reset button.  O goodness.  I ran downstairs and started making me a pot of coffee.  All I can think about still was that stupid closet door and how every door was open including the drawers inside his closet were left open with socks runneth over.  Then I breathed and breathed some more... finally the coffee was finished and I was able to sip down some rejuvenator juice.  That still didn't help.  I thought of facebooking my frustration.  I didn't want to air my dirty laundry on facebook for all my family and friends to see ... and I didn't want to admit that my husband and I are having issues with our closet doors.  OK so I know it is just the doors but it really ignites all the clean up, pick up, cooking, phone calls, nagging etc... that I have been doing to keep our family in tact ... the daily wifely and motherly duties.  As if that's not enough.... why did he have to get me with the closet doors too?!

Finally, I decided it was time to go to my sewing room.  I swear, the moment I walk into my sanctuary, all matters meant nothing.  That knot in my throat, that anger and frustration was put into lifting up the beautiful pieces of fabric.  Checking on orders and sewing away.

Sewing has always been a passionate outlet for me.  Since I decided to start CraftyStitches, I have found myself in my sewing room constantly and love it.  The energy that was negative inside me was turned into something positive and beautiful.  It is soooo healing!  I know ... it's addictive and amazingly gratifying to know that I now have that "THING" everyone talks about.  I use to say "WHAT THING".  I don't like watching TV, I don't really do anything that makes me sit down cuz I am always on the go... chasing my girls around, driving them to school, laundry, grocery, ballet, music, errands, and bills.  I often wonder where I find that "THING". 

So sewing had saved my marriage because often times I find myself almost killing my husband for the little crazy things that he does just to push my button.  So my RESET button was found in sewing!  Thank goodness.  I guess it could be other things.  So I am coming out and telling everyone that I am a sew-a-holic and proud of it cuz it's my THING.


Deb Soromenho said...

Awesome story Jenn! :) Glad you found your thang :)

cinnamonspice said...

Ha! I know there are many of us loving wives who can totally relate to this! Thanks for having the courage to share it with us...I too seek solace in my craft room, but for me, the thing that saves my ENTIRE family is working with paper. The very feel of it between my fingers is enough to smooth over any rough edges :)

Oh Sew Liz said...

I love this!
I was the same way... I always wanted a thing to be good at. Then one day I realized sewing was my thing! I love to disappear into my sewing nook and create, it keeps me sane!

CraftyStitches Bridal said...

Thanks ladies. It's sooo true... now I understand that we all need that THING. Of course now it's an addiction that grows!