Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Protect your handmade creations

Jeff Weaver
Dunlap, Grubb, Weaver

The attorney I met with really made me think about how important it is to be prepared and protect our products and designs.  A few things that I considered my visit:

  1. Copyright each of my patterns/instructional guides
  2. Protect it or Loose it: don't deny yourself of the right to protect your design
  3. Time Stamps:  You have 2 yrs to sue from the time that you realize someone infringed; you may begin to protect your copyright from the date of application; you may begin to sue after you receive your registration.
  4. Get your docs: Cease and Desist; Demand Letter; Terms of Use
  5. Licensing: this one is the big one.  I think this is something that needs much more research but many deals can be cut from licensing alone.  With both Terms of Use and Licensing that's how iTunes and Downloads can become multimillion dollar businesses.
That's my quick summary!  :) got alot of work to do today :)

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