Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sew Genius | STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Education Through Sewing


CraftyStitches Learn To Sew Genius - Camps, Classes & Parties in Loudoun
CraftyStitches is so proud to announce that our movement will take on promoting STEM Education for Girls from Early Childhood through K-12.  We are dubbing it Sew Genius - a series of Sewing Camps, Classes & Workshops. These sew camps, classes & workshops will focus on a STEM based curriculum that aims to teach girls Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics skills through sewing. We need more women role models in STEM fields, and as mentioned on the White House page for Women in Science Tech Math & Engineering, we must foster an array of unique experiences and viewpoints in order to support young girls in STEM. In order to promote STEM for minority girls K-12, we need both
CraftyStitches Sew Genius - Young Girls sewing with Stem
formal and informal education to stimulate their minds at different activity levels.  Sewing is a wonderful medium for delivery, as it requires the scientific method and problem-solving analytical thinking while stimulating creativity and a love for beautiful things all at once! Our sewing classes, camps, & workshops will be held at our Leesburg location in the Village at Leesburg shopping center. We welcome students from all surrounding areas, Ashburn, Sterling, Leesburg, Loudoun County, Fairfax, Winchester, Middleburg & Front Royal.

Sewing and STEM

Our core education programs are based on a simple methodology to incorporate asking AND answering the following questions in all our projects:

CraftyStitches | Sew Classes, Sew Parties & STEM Sewing Camps in Loudoun CountyScience - How is cloth made?  How do different weaving methods affect the outcome of the textile?
Technology – What technologies are used to make fabric? How have these machines 
changed throughout time, and how have they influenced the different industrial revolutions that have changed how we live today?
Engineering – How do these machines work? What does it take to successfully finish a project?
Mathematics – What's your math? Measure twice cut once. Calculate your seam allowance and project before you cut.

Visit the CraftyStitches website for more information on our Sewing Classes, Camps, & Workshops.
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