Sunday, February 21, 2010

Twitting, Blogging, Facebooking

So are you doing all of those things? Twitting, Blogging, Facebooking... this is all new to me until recently. It's still new to me and I'm still learning the jargon, the whole new world of social network through the internet. My social network is definitely upgrading since I joined these places. I didn't know how closed I am to this world until now. It's like turning on this incredible world of people that are doing the same thing you are and experiencing the same thing. It's really overwhelming.

I still think I am typing my thoughts into the outspace of darkness and waiting for people to acknowledge me. But slowly I am starting to step out of my little world. Ok I hope you guys will send me all the updates on the symbols that people use out there...

What do these mean?

The powerful resources that are out there is really incredible. Can't wait to see where this takes me.

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